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Moves on Tightrope

by Jake Tobin

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jake tobin & dominika trapp body land in the tip of the drill. already featured alter/waste at the birth optic caboose, while justin bleeds through the gauze of history. human numbers, not babies in particular, becoming with the already already, already. the list is long. back to the caves with the hodag, until it wears off already. having been having become with the many differently already. [[“some may die so that others may live”]] yeah right... otherwises forward, we’re already actively working, we always have been, without assertion, here on the tightrope, which unravels to walking after already dead with low G, high byproduct symbiosis with the stars. but they don’t think so – hyphen C, E, N, E, oppressed fresh-water species? bodysoulminds still walking, aspirationally already 2100 AD. (we’re only partly joking) the rope big numbers big toll in animals what with all the falling despite the leashes, but the air, the air. the sillage is great. what a great time. who can blame them?
touching hell on the first date faking along on the stairs they go down to the sixth ring i'm afraid it's too dark to see the face of the other every day the guts are on the rug and then you make yourself the same the little love it when you look away it gives us time to fake our case alike but all alone you're low you're low don't tell me that nothing can't make it a road dont believe that much what when it shouldn't be like that for me and what's mine isn't up to me except losing your best friend with everyone incidentally it's not possible when all that can't be without at least so much in favor of license or until i die not believing what makes a believer in so many who can't but wouldn't no not ever you can encase me in this kind of thing swabbed shawl lip sleeved silent hill hearing breathing want to be it want to eat it want to breathe it take no notice leave it there that low tight rope moves that's low life keeping the test inside the rind and making sense tight rope easy think of changing always at the bottom does the the data data pass pass through through the the body body on airlines airlines airlines near or the router far when i am dreaming dreaming when or deciding sleeping where on to step the step make the right choice half your heart horse keep the secret i could live without eyes but you're right when you say like them what's the secret to see it without eyes fear with cause that's the law cause i'm so lame if i couldn't live without eyes bite the head first that's the stinger hallelujah be so acknowledged that's not you


written and recorded linearly in the room on the cover,
September 2019

with sopranino saxophone, alto saxophone, bass, snare drum, hi hat, and a guitar tuned E-G#-C-E-G#-C


released October 9, 2020

Dominika Trapp - track 1 writing, voice

Lindsay Dobbs - Trombone


all rights reserved



Truly Bald New York, New York



orphaned vanity label est 2013 by Jake Tobin

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